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Steph’s Cheers and Jeers will gladly review your products on our blog! Our review service is free of charge with no value limit but all items will be kept as compensation. Reviews include an honest review, pictures, and links to your site. All links are no follow in compliance with the FTC guidelines. For more info see review policy below.

Review Policy:

  • The review will contain pictures, an honest review, links back to your site/social media and will be shared across all my social media accounts.
  • I only accept full sized products for review.(exceptions are subscription boxes or large amounts of samples)
  • Sponsor is responsible for shipping and the cost of the item, Items will NOT be returned.
  • Please allow up to 2 weeks after receiving an item for the review to be posted.
  • I accept NO extra compensation for a positive review or to fix/remove a negative review.
  • I will contact you ahead of time if there is a defect, if you do not reply within a reasonable time, I reserve the right NOT to continue with the review.
  •  I will NOT pay for shipping if a coupon code doesn’t cover the cost of shipping(this includes for amazon products as well) EVEN if you promise to reimburse me.
  • As of June, 26th 2015, I will no longer be reviewing Vitamins and Supplements
  • I do not accept offers of “pay shipping only” or dollar/ percentage off.



We LOVE hosting giveaways and our readers LOVE them! Giveaways can be posted on Facebook(winner is selected via or our blog(we use rafflecopter). We do charge a fee for giveaways, not accompanied by a review unless otherwise discussed. For more info see giveaway policy below. 

Giveaway Policy: 

 Giveaways are a wonderful way to boost your social media numbers. All Reviews and/or giveaways are shared on Facebook and Twitter. All giveaway include a mandatory Facebook and Twitter Like. I prefer to link Reviews and Giveaways together.

  • Sponsor is responsible for shipping item, If the sponsor sends extra items to Steph’s Cheers and Jeers with the expectation that they will be given away, they will be given away locally or donated to a local charity. Steph’s Cheers and Jeers is not responsible for the shipping of ANY items.
  • Steph’s Cheers and Jeers is not responsible for any lost or damaged items, however, I will email the sponsor.
  • As of November 1st, 2104 I can NO longer ask fans to like your Facebook page in return for an entry into a giveaway.



We do offer a limited amount of banner and ad space on our sidebar. Payment is required up front and prices can be discussed by email me directly at

These are just an example of some of the services I offer, We are willing to discuss media events, event coverage, restaurant reviews, service reviews, ambassadorships and more if you contact us. We are super flexible and would love to hear any ideas you have! 


Paypal is the only accepted form of payment!

Sponsored Posts:

$100 per post for pre-written posts.

$150 per post for posts I need to write.

*These numbers are negotiable in certain circumstances.