The Bests Sheets EVER! Say Hello To QuickZip

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.


I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of sheets for a few months now, especially because we just moved into our new apartment and I really wanted to start fresh and redecorate the bedroom as well as other rooms. I came across QuickZip because I’ve always said I wanted sheets that zip and I googled Zip Sheets.

QuickZip is the first innovation to the fitted sheet since 1959 and features a patented two-piece fitted sheet with a base and a zip-on sheet. I have two issues with standard sheets, they are hard to put on the bed…you know what I’m talking about! You get all three corners on…go for the forth and one of the others pop up! I also have an issue with the sheets sliding off the bed constantly because I toss and turn which means I have to remake the bed every single morning starting with putting the sheets back on….Well QuickZip solves both those issues!


QuickZip is available for mattress sizes Crib-California King which means everyone in the house can enjoy them! The Crib and Twin sheets come with a wrap around base which requires you to move the mattress just once to wrap the base around the mattress but the other sizes do not require that, you simply place the zip sheet plus the base onto the bed like you would a normal sheet and in the future just unzip the zip sheet to change.



I was a little skeptical about these sheets the first few nights because I totally expected to wake up in the morning with the sheet off the bed like I am use to but I was surprised! I’ve had the sheets on my bed since July and have not had them fall off once. With my chronic pain this design makes changing the sheets so much easier, my only complaint is I wish they came in more colors. I dye my hair often and the sheets are stained from the dye because they are white, I would love to see a deep red or even a black set added to their current line of sheets. The sheets are soft, made from 100% sateen cotton and 400 Thread Count and honestly I think these are the best sheets in the world because making the bed is so much easier now with this system.

Their Baby Starter Pack starts at $39.99, the Twin Starter Pack Starts at $59.99 and the Luxe Starter Pack starts at $80 and while they seem pricey I have always said a good nights sleep is well worth the price!



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