Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Hot Ruby

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

Hot Ruby is a cranberry based beverage with hints of citrus that tastes great by its self or mixed with your favorite spirit. I absolutely love the back story about Hot Ruby and reminds me much of something my grandmother(or many grandmothers) would do.

Hot Ruby’s recipe originated in the kitchen of  Ruby Faye nearly 45 years ago where it was always served warm. It had been a tradition with Ruby’s friends and family and when walking into her home you could always smell it simmering. Even today Hot Ruby is made using fresh, natural ingredients using the EXACT same steps as Ruby Faye used and there are no artificial dyes or preservatives.

I was really excited to try Hot Ruby because I love Cranberry and Citrus and the Cinnamon and Clove was just an added bonus!

I ended up drinking in two different ways, the first was with Hot Ruby and Apple Cranberry Juice on Ice.

This method was tasty and I’m sure would be a huge hit with kids, however with the cinnamon and clove I was craving something warm so I also mixed half parts Hot Ruby with half parts Mead and warmed it on the stove.

This was actually my favorite way to drink it, while its tasty cold I really prefer it warm, it reminded me very much of apple cider I like to drink in the fall but with a cranberry twist. The mead adds a nice honey flavor and the clove pairs very well with the mead as well.

I was really impressed with Hot Ruby, I can see my self drinking it a bunch of different ways and I really like it straight or mixed with juice, but mixing it with spirits adds a nice adult twist to the drink. The flavors are not overpowering and I thought it was going to be highly acidic but I was actually really surprised. This will definitely be something I grab often when looking for something to drink, especially warmed in the winter after shoveling.

You can buy Hot Ruby online or use their store locator to find it near you.


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