Cider Chicken Made Easy With Cave Tools

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

I love hard cider and have wanted to make a cider chicken for awhile now so I was so excited when Cave Tool approached me about their Beer Can Chicken Roasting Rack I was super excited to give it a try.

Cave Tools has a fantastic collection of BBQ and Cooking Tools that include Meat Handling Claws, Kabob Skewers Racks, Smoker Boxes, Charcol Grills and more. The Beer Can Chicken Roasting Rack & Vegetable Spikes definitely caught my eye especially because it only sells for $19.99.

Inside the box is a drip tray, a stainless steel canister, and vegetable spikes. The drip tray is extra deep and will collect all of the grease without overflowing, the stainless steel canister is perfect for beer, wine, cider, herb butter mixture and pretty much any liquid. The vegetable spikes are removable and perfect for grilling potatoes or corn, I did my corn in the oven and it easily overcooked so my suggestion is to keep an eye on whatever vegetable you use. My favorite part is the fact that the whole unit is dishwasher safe! Makes for super easy cleanup and speaking of clean up because of a unique locking mechanism you don’t have to worry about the stainless steel canister tipping over while you remove the chicken.

removed from stainless steel canister for cutting

I was very impressed at how juicy the chicken came out, I filled the stainless steel canister which took a little over half of a 24 oz can and there was even some left over to drink! It didn’t really have an apple flavor but the chicken was the juiciest one I have ever cooked and was a HUGE hit with my family. I can’t wait to try other combos!


You can purchase the Beer Can Chicken Roasting Rack & Vegetable Spikes on their website for $19.99. They offer an INSANELY awesome Lifetime Guarantee. If at ANY point you are not satisfied you can get a full refund, whether it be a week later or years later. Talk about AWESOME customer service!
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