Holiday Gift Guide: Book By You Personalized Book Review


I have always been a SUPER sucker for personalized gifts. As someone who loves to read I LOVE the item of personalized books and novels.

Book By You allows you to star in your very own personalized book. The best part is no writing skills are needed! You just provide Book By You with basic information like names, features, and a picture and they do all the rest! They offer both eBooks, paperback and hardcover copies.

They have a HUGE selection of books to choose from. They offer books in categories such as romantic, classic(star in classic novels like The Wizard of Oz and Pride and Prejudice), teen, mystery and kids.

I decided to go with a book from their romance category called Medieval Passion.


This book is 160 pages and has 25 characteristics to personalize. It brings you back to the 1400’s and begins with our leading lady unwillingly betrothed to our hero, a gallant and handsome Marquis, heir to one of the most magnificent estates in all of England. Unfortunately, our heroine’s heart belongs to another – a knight whose intentions are less than noble. With the help of her best friend, our lovely Lady finally succumbs to the chivalry, honor and courage of our valiant hero.


  • Paperback-$39.95
  • Paperback with eBook $49.95
  • Hardcover $59.95
  • Hardcover with eBook $69.95
  • eBook $19.95


I received both the Paperback and eBook. Since I just ordered this a few days ago I am still waiting on the Paperback but I received the eBook the same day via email. I am very impressed with the service that Book By You offers. The eBook downloaded properly to my kindle and I was able to read through the story. It is a very well written story and would make the PERFECT gift for anyone who loves the Medieval Era. Their books contain the proper grammar and are very well written. If you find a book but are not sure if you want to purchase it, they allow you to preview a section of the book with your personalized details.

I will update the post when the actual book arrives.




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