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Lalaloopsy is not a show or brand that our household knows of very well yet. My three year old is not really a fan so far but I wanted the opportunity to show her a character and see how she went! This is my review of the Lalaloopsy Snowy Fairest Doll from MGA Entertainment.

 My daughter is becoming a bit of a review-brat, she saw the large package come up the stairs and immediately went Doll“LOOK! LIVVYBOX!” It’s kind of cute. I got the box open and she tried to open the toy herself, but started to become frustrated. That was when, I saw the back. I didn’t get a picture of it, but this item had every single tie, pull string, plastic attachment imaginable! I can tell you one thing, there is not a human or animal in this world who could steal this doll in a store without looking like a crazy person! It took me almost five minutes to get the doll loose, and the whole time I head a three year old going “Is it ready is it ready?” over and over, so that wasn’t the greatest moment for me. I was surprised at how large the doll was, but pleasantly surprised! It has some weight to it too, but only in the head.  Another thing we find just a tad confusing is the name. “Snowy Fairest” It’s clear it’s a doll based on Snow White, but we can thank Disney for making me think more along the lines of a Frozen doll with snow than Snow White when hearing the name.


 My daughter has named her baby “Dees”. Dees is her buddy, and Dees came with a little squirrel that she has named “Dat”. Yes, Dees and Dat are best friends forever in our home. She loves taking Dees to see all the toys in her room and giving her hugs. She doesn’t like how hard it is to get Dees shoes off though, because she is weird and prefers her doll babies naked it seems, haha.


 She loves laying in her bed with Dees and Dat and watching Netflix. Her favorite show right now is the crayon city movie (I don’t remember the name) and she loves to tell them about the colors and what she can color with them. She then will turn on her ABC Mouse and teach them while she learns. I have not seen her be this connected to any doll or toy since her Teddy, Too. A teddy bear she has had since she was an infant. So I love this for her.

Doll3I think the only things I’d critique on this doll, is that the head is just very heavy and the doll looks a little misleading. It’s not a soft doll, so sometimes she’ll be running around and smack herself in the face with the doll’s bow and cry. Also, the doll’s dress comes off and she loses it somewhere and starts to get really upset she can’t find it. I think the dress shouldn’t be removable unless it is supposed to be interchangeable with other outfits. The frustration of a three or four year old trying to find a dress at night and not able to get her Dees dressed for bed is painstaking, but again I love how she loves her Dees so much.

Out of five stars, I give the Lalaloopsy Snowy Fairest Doll !!

 -Elizabeth is a 30 year old married, work-at-home mother of a pre-schooler. She is a Black Dagger Brotherhood fan, a Texan, and is a childrens’ & plus size product blogger for Stephs Cheers and Jeers!-

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