Loki and Rosie Approves of Bullibone

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

Bullibone was kind enough to send Loki and Rosie some of their products to try a few weeks ago and our pups approve!

Bullibone’s are quality long-lasting nylon dog chews that were created by Lee Willingham after a vet suggested nylon chews for his dog and his dog refused to eat it, Lee who was a tool and die maker created his own mold and flavor combination and his dog just LOVED it! Bullibone’s also feature a flat end so dogs can easily hold onto it while they are chewing, dogs LOVE them and so do pet parents!

I was sent two of their original Bullibone’s and a Treat Trap.

They sent along Bacon flavored in Extra Large for Loki and Small for Rosie, The pups seemed to really like that they can hold onto them with their paws and they spent HOURS chewing on them.

The Treat Trap is REALLY cool, it’s a combination toy that serves as a nylon chew as well as a treat dispenser, The top treat hole is placed so the treat only comes out if the trap is flipped on one side which means your dog has to figure it out which is a great brain exercise!

Both Rosie and Loki are power chewers and tend to go through toys and chews like CRAZY but Bullibone products stood up to their excessive chewing and they LOVED the Treat Tap.

You can purchase Bullibone products at Walmart, Tops, Tractor Supply and more.


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