My New Favorite Candle is Whiskey and Tobacco by Northern Lights Candles

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

I am always on the hunt for candles, especially unique scented ones, I love scent combinations that might be considered strange and I really love nontraditional candle scents. I was browsing the internet awhile back and came across Northern Lights Candles Spirit Jar Collection and was really excited about this collection because it was unlike any other candles I’ve found.

Northern Lights Candles has a fantastic collection of candles to choose from including Herb Inspired, Spirit Jars, Tide Pool as well as Wax Melts, NonFragranced Candles, and Accessories.

I am totally OBSESSED with the Whiskey and Tobacco Candle! The scent is so wonderful and the combination is very pleasant.

I was really excited by their Spirit Jar collection which features Absinthe and Black Fig, Applepie Moonshine, Blackberry Brandy, and Whiskey and Tobacco. I love the look and feel of each jar because they remind me of a Spirit bottle and the cork top is very unique, The Whiskey and Tobacco scent is very pleasant and has almost a sweet scent to it, I personally think they captured the scent very well and this would make a great gift for any spirit or tobacco lover. Each candle also has a Snappy Snippet printed on the back which is a unique fact that reminds me very much of the facts under the Snapple bottle caps.

The Candles in the Spirit Jar Collection sell for $15.99 and claim they burn for 35 hrs, I burn this one on my altar and found it burns constantly and slowly releases a very pleasant scent so I would say the claim of 35 hours is very accurate.


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