Pamper Mum With Moody Sisters Natural Skin Care Products.

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

Pamper Your Mum with natural skin care products from Moody Sisters Skincare!

Moody Sisters Skincare consists of Sisters Jess and Whitney and started after Jess struggled with oiliness, acne, and rosacea. Whitney worked as a beauty skincare consultant for five years and struggled to find products that didn’t cause flare up’s or serious allergic reactions. The sisters finally had enough and that’s when Moody Sisters launched! They began creating their own products from earth derived ingredients and essential oils or fruit extracts and they found they were effective for many skin problems and conditions.

Moody Sisters sent me Limited Edition Berries n’ Cream Lip Balm, Cleansing Wash, and Lip Scrub to review.

Their Lip Balms come in a variety of scents including Chai Spice, Coconut Lime, Coffee Bean, Mint Julep, Sweet Orange and Limited Edition Strawberry Lemonade. I LOVE the Berries n’ Cream scent, it’s not available at the moment but it smells AMAZING and left my lips moisturized and I love the fact that it’s all natural because I can wear it without worrying about my lips breaking out. They are good sized and a little goes a long way so the tube will last me awhile!

Their Lip Balms sell for $4.50 each or you can purchase a 5 pack for $18.00.

The Cleansing Wash is marketed as a feminine cleansing wash and great for cleaning intimate areas but I LOVED using it for all over cleansing purposes because it’s mild on skin but washes way the most stubborn dirt, it’s even mild enough for use on sensitive baby skin and as a vaginal safe ph balanced soap to clean your menstrual cup. It features Hydrosols of Tea Tree, Rosemary, Helichrysum and Witch Hazel that are combined with skin-loving vitamins and extracts for a gentle cleansing experience.

You can purchase the Cleansing Wash in a 4 oz container for $16 and a 8 oz container for $22.

The lip scrub was my favorite product! It left my lips feeling and looking I think the best they have ever! I get really dry lips in the winter time and their lip scrub totally transformed the way they looked! I love the formula because it exfoliates, brightens, hydrates and protects all in one. It features f honey crystals, organic evaporated cane juice, coconut sugar, and apricot kernel meal for a luxurious experience that leaves your lips visibly smoother and soft.

Their lip scrub sells for $9.00 and you can also buy a combo pack of their lip scrub and lip butter for $15.50.

I had a blast teaming up with Moody Sisters, first off the name of the company is just ADORABLE and their products are high quality and offer a luxurious experience with the peace of mind that their products are created using natural products that are safe for the whole family! I have very sensitive skin and experienced no adverse effects from using their products, my skin actually seemed to LOVE their products and was moisturized and looked great.


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