Spin-A-Bone from Bullibone! The Fidget Spinner For Dogs!

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

With the fidget spinners becoming more and more popular I thought the idea behind Spin-A-Bone is just awesome! I have worked with Bullibones a few times and my dogs really like their products so I had really high hopes for the Spin-A-Bone.

Bullibones are quality long-lasting nylon dog chews that were created by Lee Willingham after a vet suggested nylon chews for his dog but his dog didn’t like the ones he had purchased. Lee who was a tool and die maker created his own mold and flavor combination and his dog just LOVED it!

The Spin-A-Bone, which was recently added to their product line is made with real bacon and the same safe nylon as other products sold by Bullibone but one feature the Spin-A-Bone has that their other products don’t is its ability to spin! You just place the Spin-A-Bone on a flat surface and spin! The spinning motion triggers your dog’s natural hunting instinct and your dog will love catching it!

Rosie and Loki are both power chewers and they seemed to really like the Spin-A-Bone more than the other products, They seem to really like the spinning motion and it’s hilarious to watch them play with it.

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Bullibone products are sold at Walmart, Tops, Tractor Supply and more.




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