Spring Cleaning Tips from Third Love

Well, the weather is FINALLY taking a turn for the better (thank goodness, I am ready for the sunshine!!). So I thought now would be a great time to talk about getting ready for the spring and summer seasons. We all know spring cleaning can be as refreshing as it is exhausting. Opening up the windows, exchanging your down blanket for a lighter knitted bedspread, and scrubbing spots on the floor or wall that haven’t seen daylight since last September can make your house feel like a brand new home! But what about your closet? How often do you dig into the Narnia-like recesses of your clothes racks and say “out with the old and in with the new”? If your answer is I don’t know, probably before Britney made her comeback, then listen up, because I have some easy spring cleaning tips for your closet cleanout

  • Try the 1 Year Rule

 If you haven’t worn it more than twice in the past year (excluding special occasion dresses), you just don’t love it as much as you did in the store. These are great clothes to send to your local Salvation Army or GoodWill, since they are barely worn! Donating clothes is a great way to recycle them and help others. 🙂


Note: Check out the guidelines for donations online before dropping off your clothes– this helps these charitable organizations save time and provide the best options for those in need.

  • Take EVERYTHING Out of the Closet

Starting with a blank slate lets you organize as you go through your clothes, and ensures that you see and consider each piece’s value in your closet. Separate your clothing into 4 piles: keep, throw away, donate, and unsure. Ruminate over the unsure pile for a few days to a week, then go back to it. If you still aren’t sure, chances are they belong in the “donate” pile.


  • Socks, Undies and Bras Count Too


Don’t forget to go through your dresser, too! Lonely socks and worn-through underwear have no place in your refreshed wardrobe! Evaluate these pieces with the same care that you do your outer layers. They’re the first thing you put on in the morning, so they are just as important! For the ladies, take a close look at your bras. We’ve all got the “fancy but uncomfortable,” the “layered design that shows through my shirts” and the “worn out but I LOVE IT” bras. If you need some help deciding when it’s time to let a bra go, check out this handy infographic from  Plus, when you’ve “retired” your older bras, look through their for new, super comfy options!


  • Swap and Shine Your Shoes


If those shoes make your feet hurt so much that you avoid them, it’s probably time to get rid of them. Same with the battered sneakers that make your socks wet every time it rains. But if you have a pair that you truly love that is starting to look worn, try visiting a local cobbler! Yes, they aren’t just characters in kids’ books, and yes, they can make an old shoe look like new. You can also take the DIY route– check out some tips from that really come in handy!


  • Renew, Reuse and Recycle


Upcycle shirts with too-big stains and holes! You can use them as paint shirts for that room you’ve been dying to redo, or add them to your cleaning rag collection. This is a super easy way to be eco-friendly while also saving money on paper towels or dish sponges. If you’re a crafty lady, check out some ideas on other ways to use your old shirts

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