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If you are a parent, then you know that when a child doesn’t know how to read just yet, they love thinking they do. When I was given the opportunity to review The Lost Bread, I was excited because my daughter loves to look at new books. As soon as she saw the book, she wondered about the bread and wondered what was wrong because he looked sad. This is my “The Lost Bread” Book Review!


The story is about bread in a magic kitchen. This piece of bread has breakfast friends and one day realizes, they’re gone. As time goes by, he finds himself lonely, missing his friends and drying out. Until the day comes he becomes french toast. This story is very short, very cute, and has great pictures. The only part that was a problem was my daughter spent more time dwelling on how sad Toast was! Every time we turned page she said he looked sad, or he was crying and should feel better. I had  a hard time getting her to listen to the story she was so concerned for Toast, haha!


There were a couple of things that are found disappointing. One was there is a pretty princess that is included in the story, but she is only brought up on the second to last page. Then the last page there she is, and then the book is over. Book1This was slightly confusing because she wasn’t at the start of the book at all. We kind of thought there was more to the story when she appeared! My daughter asked about the princess when we said “Oh, that’s it!”. The other thing is there was a sentence that was fragmented on a page and also kind of a run-on at the same time. It confuses us every time we read it expecting the sentence to keep going, and she laughs and tries to repeat it. Not quite the sentence you want to teach with but doesn’t really have an impact on the story.


All in all, she has read this book multiple times since we received it and has sat down more than once with her stuffed buddies to read it. She can’t read just yet, but she remembers some of the words so it’s very cute. This is a great book for a pre-schooler learning to read and even one who does know how! Make sure to get your copy today and we will be doing a giveaway as well!



Out of five stars, I give The Lost Bread !!

-Elizabeth is a 30 year old married, work-at-home mother of a pre-schooler. She is a Black Dagger Brotherhood fan, a Texan, and is a childrens’ & plus size product blogger for Stephs Cheers and Jeers!-

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