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One of the reasons I became a product reviewer, was because I wanted to be able to do exactly this: help parents find ways to stimulate their children with great opportunities before many others found out. This opportunity came at the perfect time too. I was able to get one of the first Three Little Piggies games as it was being released and now I get to let you all in on the popular storybook turned game. Here’s my review of the Three Little Piggies Puzzle Game by SmartGames.


Everyone knows the story of the The Three Little Pigs correct? Three brother pigs make a house: One out of straw, one out of sticks, and one out of bricks. Along comes the Big Bad Wolf who blows down the house of straw, blows down the house of sticks, but cannot blow down the house of bricks. Moral? Well to adults the moral of the story is: Money talks, haha. Build your house with the most expensive item and you can never go wrong! But to a child? The moral is that  it takes three heads instead of just one, and sometimes the easiest way isn’t the right way. So now we have a game that in a way encompasses all of this.


You get a small game board, three house pieces that are shaped differently, three piggies, and one big bad wolf. The point of the game is to set the piggies into the board a certain way, then find a way to make the house pieces fit on the board around the piggies (sometimes on the piggies). You get a booklet that gives you different layouts depending on difficulty. It also has ways with and without the Big Bad Wolf.


I learned with this game that my daughter does not like following directions. She got so frustrated that she couldn’t fit the houses in right without our help that she took it, and started playing on her own with it. She prefers to use her imagination with the game and she’ll play for 45 minutes putting the piggies in and out of the houses, she’ll make the wolf blow them down, but don’t try to get her to play the game as it’s supposed to be! I don’t know if other three year olds will follow directions but just based on my experience I think this should be for ages 4+. For children that are willing to try to follow directions step-by-step.


One thing we did like, is the game came with a copy of The Three Little Pigs book. What we didn’t like about it: The story is a lot longer than any version we’ve read, and there are no words. So trying to read this to our daughter is difficult because the story changes every time based on what we come up with on the spot. She loves the pictures, the drawings are fantastic but words would’ve been great! If it’s for age 3+, then there should be simple words any way so that the child can continue to learn to read while learning to play the game.


All in all, the game is unique and fun when played correctly. I think there could be a few adjustments here and there but if you have a child who loves to play step by step games, this is perfect for your kiddo. This would be a great birthday or Christmas gift for sure. If the packaging was a bit smaller, I’d say this was the PERFECT stocking stuffer. Something simple and a fun twist to the classic story.


Out of five stars, I give SmartMax’s Three Little Piggies Game  1/2!!!

-Elizabeth is a 30 year old married, work-at-home mother of a pre-schooler. She is a Black Dagger Brotherhood fan, a Texan, and is a childrens’ & plus size product blogger for Stephs Cheers and Jeers!-

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