VapeOne Liquid Mayhem Review pt. 1 by Jon

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

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Hello again everyone. I received a few samples of Liquid Mayhem’s e-juice line from Vape One. Today I will be reviewing the “Frigga” from the line. Again, we will have a HUGE giveaway from Vape-One for readers so keep an eye out for that! Here is my Vape-One Liquid Mayhem Review part one of three.


The three different choices of Liquid Mayhem’s liquid line.

When I originally smelled the e-juice “Frigga”, it smelled very fruity kind of like strawberry hard candies. This has a mixture of 70VG/30PG so it’s thick enough it doesn’t leak from the tank which is good. It smells sweet in the air and isn’t strong or overpowering. It actually smells and taste like natural strawberry and not artificial.

Elizabeth wanted a shot showing the vapor you get with the liquid.

Elizabeth wanted a shot showing the vapor you get with the liquid.

It’s a simple strawberry, not a complex flavor and a “one note” kind of thing which isn’t bad. That’s actually good because then you aren’t confusing flavors as you taste it. So this is really good I really like it. Not harsh on the throat either, very smooth.

I will definitely recommend this brand to anyone I know that vapes. I also have the other two flavors I will need to review but I don’t like wasting juice and just dumping my tank every time. So when it comes time for a refill you’ll see another review from me.


Out of a possible five  images, I give Vape-One imagesimagesimagesimages!


-Jon is a 30 year old married, stay-at-home father of a pre-schooler princess. He is a music lover, a Texan, and is a mens’ and vape product blogger for Stephs Cheers and Jeers!-

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