VapeOne Liquid Mayhem Review pt. 2 by Jon

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Welcome back everyone. Here is Part Two of my VapeOne Liquid Mayhem Review. Today I will be reviewing the “Freya” from the line. These have most definitely my favorite e-liquids I have in my home or that I have tried so far ever.


The three different choices of Liquid Mayhem’s liquid line.

Freya smells like cinnamon and pineapple to me. It’s sweet, and yet makes your nose tingle. The smell in the air is awesome as well my three year old runs through the vapor cloud smelling the air going “Mmm good!”

It is awesome, it tastes like a fruit cocktail with red hots. I love the mixture of flavors this is not something I would normally expect. It’s kind of there and gone which is definitely good because too much cinnamon can be overpowering. It leaves you wanting more, believe me.

This flavor so far out of the three is my favorite. I do have one more I have to try but I’ve been enjoying this Freya so much I had to put off my next review for a bit. I don’t want to empty my tank!


Out of  five Ohms, I give the “Freya” flavor imagesimagesimagesimagesimages!


-Jon is a 30 year old married, stay-at-home father of a pre-schooler princess. He is a music lover, a Texan, and is a mens’ and vape product blogger for Stephs Cheers and Jeers!-

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