The WISP System: My New Favorite Way To Sweep!

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

I hate sweeping! I put it off constantly because it’s super painful and I have been trying to use a vacuum in place of broom and dustpan but it doesn’t work as well as I would like so I decided to give The WISP system a test run.

The WISP system is a one handed broom with a telescopic handle and patented electrostatic bristles. It also features an ergonomic step on dustpan which means no more bending over constantly to hold the dust pan which means no putting stress on my back! One of my favorite features is that fact that the WISP system is sleek enough to store in small places like my kitchen closet!

The WISP is super light weight so it’s ideal for folks suffering from disabilities because even though its light weight its very effective! It easily picks up things like food bits, dog hair, kibble and other debris. I found when using the WISP I also don’t find my going back over places I’ve already swept because it’s that effective at picking up debris.

You can also purchase a miniWISP which is perfect for stubborn pet hair & dirt from any surface, it’s also compact so its perfect to store in your car, truck, RV, workshop or for camping and a bigWISP which is available in 18″ & 24” widths and ideal for those big tough jobs!

The WISP systems come in multiple different colors and the standard WISP system sells for $22.46 while the miniWISP is $9.71 and the bigWISP is $20.96.

I promise you will NOT be disappointed! I will never go back to a regular broom and dustpan ever again!


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