2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Bean Box

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

11825987_1610354789230614_5914890410904265371_nI love gifting food and beverage items around the holidays which is why I thought Bean Box would be an amazing addition to my Holiday Gift Guide because most people like coffee and the recipient will be so impressed with the quality and taste of this box.

Bean Box hand picks coffee from Seattle’s top rated roasters and mails you four 1.8 ounce bags of whole bean coffee or one 12 oz bag of whole bean coffee depending on which subscription you choose. They ship coffee to you within 48 hours of roasting which means you are getting super fresh coffee, not coffee that has sat on a shelf for months.

The best part about Bean Box, in my opinion, is they allow you to fully customize what you receive, other coffee boxes I have worked with in the past don’t really allow you to choose what types of roasts you want to receive but Bean Box allows you to choose between Lights Only, Light+Medium, Medium Only, Medium+Dark, Dark Only, Espresso and Decaf.

A few months ago I received a box and I could not wait to dig in!


The box I received featured Vashon Coffee Company, Slate Coffee Roasters, Broadcast Coffee Roasters and Zoka Coffee Roasting Co. There was a variety of different coffee flavors in the box and I was very impressed with the flavors and the quality of the coffees. The coffee from Slate Coffee Roasters was my favorite, the flavor I received was called Cream and Sugar and features hints of dark chocolate, toasted almond, and sweet caramel. The other flavors were really unique and while they were super tasty I wouldn’t purchase them however I actually plan to place an order for the Cream and Sugar coffee from Slate Coffee Roasters very soon.

You can subscribe to the Bean Box Sampler which features four roasts (1.8 oz each) for $20, they also offer prepaid subscription which saves you money in the long run. The Coffee Of The Month box which features one 12 oz bag for $20 a month, $36 a month for 1 bag every 2 weeks and $68 a month for $1 bag every week.


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