Animal Planet’s Hatch Ems Review

unnamedI remember my mother use to buy me this little little grown your own foam animal kits that the dollar store when I was a kid, I use to LOVE them and boy has things have changed!

Animal Planet’s Hatch Ems are cute little creatures that you put in water and watch them hatch out of their egg! With the recent release of Jurassic World, I was sent two packages of their Hatch Em’s Dinosaurs to review!

The Hatch Em’s come in a huge range of characters including rainforest, safari, sea creatures. They also have some great holiday themed ones such as easter and christmas. Of course they also have the Hatch Em’s Dinosaurs that come in two different series.

I was sent one of each series which includes different animals.

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The Hatch Em’s are REALLY easy to hatch, just take the egg out of the packing and place in room temperature water in a container, The water level should touch the uppermost section of the egg. The eggshell will begin to slowly break after one to two days. Over the next few days, the pet will continue to grow and hatch out of its shell. Each day, empty the water and replace with clean water. This will help your pet to hatch and continue to grow.Once hatched, keep your pet in water up to three weeks for continued growth, or remove to play with your surprise new friend. Beware the pet MIGHT be a little slippery but that is completely normal, just rice it off and continue to play with it!

Each kit also includes fact cards about each Dino. The kits I received included a Tyrannosaurus Rex, an Ankylosaurus, Triceratops(It always has been my fav Dino), Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus and Spinosaurus. Each fact card has three facts about each Dino.

PicMonkey Collage2

I started the Hatch Em’s out in a big pitcher I had and they hatched in less then 24 hours! I quickly moved them to their own bowl with fresh water and they have been in water for WELL over a week and this is how they look today.

PicMonkey CollageOnly two didnt “surivie” the week and that was the Stegosaurus and the Apatosaurus, both ended up being super floppy but I think thats because they needed more room to “grow”.

I was over all very impressed and these would make a GREAT gift for any child!

You can purchase them on their website, they sell for $12.99 each.



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