Orange Julius Copy Cat Recipe

So many people dont even know what Orange Julius is, It is a Store, usually in the Food Court of Malls, I grew up drinking them, So Here is the recipe I found, that comes out the closest, Since Orange Julius has never released their recipe to the public! 6 oz. frozen orange juice concentrate1 cup milk1 cup water1/2 … Read More

A Shopping Trip with 85% Savings!!

So I had an AMAZING Day at Shaw’s Yesterday!! This was my Receipt!! It Included(I apologize I didnt get a picture of all the items, I was in a hurry) -a FREE 64 load bottle of Tide Free and Gentle(Valued at $14.99) -Mountain Dew -Sauerkraut -Four Bottles of Coffee mate(All Free) -Hot dogs(They were originally $3.99 and I paid $1.99 because there was … Read More

Crock Pot Lasagna!

What you need:2 pounds of Ground Beef1 Medium Onion(Cropped)2-3 Cans of Sauce(I used two this time, but next time will use three, and I chose a Three Cheese and a Sausage)1 container of Ricotta CheeseMozzarella CheeseParmesan CheeseA Package and a half of Lasagna Noodles]1-Brown Ground Beef, and Onion in a Pan, While cooking Start water for the Lasagna Noodles2-Cook Lasagna for almost the … Read More