Automatically Clean Your Toilet With Every Flush With NeverScrub

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

I think all of us can agree that cleaning the toilet is one of our least favorite chores, for myself its hard to be bend over for even a short period of times so cleaning the toilet is also super painful for me. I came across NeverScrub and I was super intrigued to see if it did all of the things it promised so I decided to give it a try for a month in both of my bathrooms and see what I thought.

NeverScrub is an easy to install automatic toilet bowl cleaning system. It is even endorsed and recommended by plumbers nationwide, I was a little skeptical at first when they mentioned its easy to install because I literally know NOTHING about toilets or plumbing but after quickly reading the directions It was clear that this system is SUPER easy to install(you literally just place the blue tube in the fill valve and the red tube in the overflow pipe). The cartridges are also SUPER easy to change, you just remove the blue cap, add new cartridge and twist.

I have been using NeverScrub for a little over a month and I LOVE it! I have not had to clean the toilets at all since installing them and it even fights the hard water stains, I like that, unlike other toilet cleaners NeverScrub does not contain dyes or overwhelming fragrance. It leaves the water crystal clear and with a fresh scent.

The NeverScrub system retails for $15.95 and you can purchase refill kits starting at $15.95.

You can purchase NeverScrub at their online store as well as other online retailers such as Jet,, and Amazon. You can also purchase it as hundreds of independent retailers across the US.

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  1. Great review. I haven’t seen these before. I am going to look for them this weekend when we go shopping!

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