Book Review: THE LOW-FODMAP SOLUTION Put an End to IBS Symptoms and Abdominal Pain

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Back in February, I found myself in the ER 4 separate times for severe stomach pain, doctors were stumped and I had loads of tests and the only thing doctors could think of was I was experienced stomach pain from the NSAIDS I was taking for my chronic pain. They had mentioned changing my diet and a Low-FODMAP diet was brought up. I came home did some research and came across THE LOW-FODMAP SOLUTION Put an End to IBS Symptoms and Abdominal Pain book.

Did you know Millions of people suffer from IBS, and a FODMAP diet is effective for nearly 75% of those who follow it? I had never even heard of a Low-FODMAP diet until my doctor mentioned it so I was really excited to learn more.

It is now understood that certain carbohydrates are poorly digested in the intestine, leading to the pain and discomfort. These carbohydrates, known as FODMAPS (fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols) are found in dairy products, wheat, beans, pulses, fruits and some vegetables.

This book is LOADED with helpful information such as how food triggers digestive problems, what IBS is, a breakdown of FODMAPS and loads of tasty recipes! There is also a huge chart that lists where Fructans are found, where GOS is found, where lactose is found, where fructose is found, where polyols are found, allowed foods, foods to avoid and etc. There is even a great section on the best Low-FODMAP choices when eating out! I think that is super helpful because I LOVE eating out!

I LOVE the meal plan section! I’m horrible at coming up with meal ideas and their meal plan section is really detailed and even features a vegan section. The book also features 130 recipes that cover Breakfast and Snacks, Starters and Salads, Soups and Sandwiches, Vegetarian and Vegan Mains, Fish and Seafood, Chicken and Turkey, Pork, Beef and Lamb, Side Dishes and Desserts. The recipe section has really detailed recipes and even some pictures. All the recipes feature prep time, cooking time, standing time, how many servings it makes, tips, nutrient acts and some even feature directions for a vegan variation.

This book features 280 pages, 24 color photographs and sells for $24.95 US and $27.95 CA.

CINZIA CUNEO, MSc, is the founder of SOSCuisine, a service that provides practical and personalized solutions to specialized meal plans, designed under the supervision of dietitians. She lives in Montreal, Quebec.


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