Breakfast Night with Krusteaz

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We have a tradition in my family that my mom started and one that I have continued, at least once a month we have breakfast for dinner. It’s just something fun and I have super fond memories of breakfast night and I am so excited to share the tradition with my family and friends.

Due to my chronic pain sometimes standing to cook for periods of time is hard so I often use Krusteaz mixes to make breakfast night easy and fast but still carrying on the tradition of serving pancakes.

Krusteaz is a brand that I love, I purchase their bread mixes and crumb cake mixes often and their line of products also include pancakes, waffles, cookies and more. Krusteaz first introduced “just add water” Pancake Mix to the market in the 1940’s and they have been a huge hit since. In 1932 the women of a Seattle bridge club had the idea of easy-to-make pie crust and thus “Crust Ease” was born. In the 1960’s Krusteaz Kurtesy Kitchen which was a fully equipped “traveling diner,” served up free pancake breakfasts across the Northeast. In the 90s is when they expanded beyond the Northeast so people all over could enjoy their biscuits, muffins, brownies, breads, desserts and more.

Every breakfast night I try different pancake combinations and this month we had blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes!

I also purchased bacon and sausage and decided to invite my friend’s kiddos over to share the tradition of breakfast night!

Breakfast night was a HUGE hit with the kiddos and I loved being able to share this tradition with them.

I love Krusteaz Pancake Mixes because they are super tasty and only require water so it makes for a fast and easy meal. All of the kiddos thought they were 100% from scratch and I love that their website also has suggestions for ideas and recipes including Black Forest & Seed Pancakes, Cinnamon Sugar Roll-ups and more.

I had such a fun time I think we are going to start doing breakfast night weekly!

Krusteaz has a store locator on their website so you can easily find their mixes near you.


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