The Brick Store Visit and Review

homepage_logo_1My husband use to live up near The Brick Store years ago, now we live about an hour and a half and once in awhile we take a trip up to Bath, New Hampshire to visit this awesome store!


The Brick Store is the Oldest Continuously Operated General Store in the United States.The Brick Store has been in business since the early 1790’s. Having served as the post office until 1942, some of the original post office boxes still remain. On the outside brick walls you can still see the old painted signs advertising Morrison’s English Liniment and Lady Poor’s Ointment.

One of my favorite reasons to go to The Brick Store is Jim’s Smokehouse! They offer smoked cheese, pepperoni(which my husband has been buying since the mid 90’s), bacon and more!



The smoked pepperoni OUT of this world!! If you like smokey you will LOVE the pepperoni! Its smoked onsite so as soon as you step into the store, you smell an amazing aroma of smoked meats and cheese!

The Brick Store is also well known for Nancy’s homemade fudge!



Nancy’s fudge is made with all real ingredients! When you visit you can sample some of the fudge and I tried Strawberry Daiquiri which was made with REAL strawberries and Pumpkin Cheesecake which was made with real cream cheese and pumpkin. Every time you visit they will have a new fudge, the lady behind the counter said they make over 100 different kinds. It seriously melts in your mouth! Its some of the best fudge I have ever had.

Do you like fudge or know someone who does?

Join the Fudge of The Month Club! 

The store is visited by over 500 buses every foliage season and they have huge internet presence with people ordering from all over the world. As they say they will ship anything but the clerks! So even if you can’t find something on their website just call!

They have a great selection of smoked meats and cheese, pure maple syrup, maple candies, spreads, fudge, gifts, honey, wool jackets, hats and more!  Every product they sell is backed by a 100% guarantee. You can also sign up for a catalog which is sent out once a year in the fall or you can shop on their website. 

Before you leave, be sure to check out the wall near the door, it has some great historical pictures and even pictures of famous faces who has visited!

President Obama and his family visited in the past!



Well need I really say much as we drive over an hour and a half more then 5 times a year for smoked pepperoni? LOL!

In all seriousness, The Brick Store is amazing, the staff is always so kind, the food is AMAZING, the prices are awesome and its a history trip just visited the inside as the walls are LOADED with Americana. You have signs from when the store was operational back in the 1800’s(my personal favorite was about parking your horse with caution as ice falls from the roof). You have the beautiful Ammonoosuc River and the Bath Covered Bridge behind the store and the store is just an awesome treasure trove of Vermont and New Hampshire products!

We will always be back as we have been visiting for the last few years together and my husband has been going since the early 90’s.

The store is located at Route 302
Bath, NH 03740
Tel 800-964-2074.


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