Chewy Influencer: 30 Day Canidae PURE Ancestral Raw Coated Kibble Challenge

Stephs Cheers and Jeers is a Influencer and was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

Loki and Rosie are trying Canidae PURE Ancestral Raw Coated Kibble for the next 30 days and I am really excited because Canidae is actually the brand of food that was recommended to me when I adopted Loki. If you have been following my social media accounts you will know that I also raw feed but I like to incorporate a high-quality kibble in their diet as well to ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need especially since I do not have a consistent supplier for organs which is essential to a raw diet.

What drew me to this formula is the fact that it’s PACKED with regionally sourced fish species, including deboned salmon, mackerel, pollock, whitefish, and tuna. In fact, one 20 lb bag is made with as much as 17 pounds of fish ingredients! This makes Canidae PURE Ancestral Raw Coated Kibble perfect for dogs who thrive on a high protein diet.

All of the meat in this formula is a variety of ranch-raised, farm-raised, or wild-caught ingredients. Canidae also locally sources all the vegetables, legumes, and herbs.

A full ingredient list can be seen below:

One of the reason’s I love Canidae as a brand is because they always have a high rating on Dog Food Advisor.  Loki was fed Canidae for the first year of his life and did amazing on it. It is one of the few kibble brands I really suggest because of its high rating.

Experience So Far: 

My dogs seem to really like this particular formula. There are 3 other formulas in the PURE
ANCESTRAL line and I chose the fish based formula because Rosie seems to do well on a fish based diet. One of the first things I noticed when I opened the bag was the familiar scent of fish. I always think its a good sign when the food SMELLS like the protein. I am overall very happy so far and I will post an update next week so keep an eye out.

You can purchase PURE Ancestral Raw Coated Kibble in a 4lb bag for $22.99, a 9lb bag for $39.99 and a 20lb bag for $79.99.

About is a one-stop shop for all pet guardians, their headquarters is located in Dania Beach, Florida but they have warehouses all over the country which means you get your order fast which also means items are fresh when they arrive at your doorstep. Their website features over 18,000 items that make being a pet parent just a little bit easier from trusted brands such as Blue Buffalo, Stella & Chewy’s, Merrick, Fresh Step and more!


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