Chewy Influencer: I and Love and You Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

 Stephs Cheers and Jeers is a Influencer and was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review. 

logo.20130121 is a one-stop shop for all pet guardians, their headquarters is located in Dania Beach, Florida but they have warehouses all over the country which means you get your order fast which also means items are fresh when they arrive at your doorstep. Their website features over 18,000 items that make being a pet parent just a little bit easier from trusted brands such as Blue Buffalo, Stella & Chewy’s, Merrick, Fresh Step and more!

This month Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear received a variety pack of I and Love and You Grain-Free Canned Cat Food.

I am already a huge fan of I and Love and You and have tried some of their wet food before so I was really eager to see if Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear liked this variety pack.

This variety pack contains Chicken Me Out, Oh My Cod! and Purrky Turkey and I have to admit the names made me giggle a bit. I really like that Real chicken, cod or turkey is the first ingredient and these recipes are made without the use of by-product meals, artificial flavors or fillers. Their products are also full of omegas to help keep your cat’s skin and coat healthy. I tend to purchase brands that are grain free that are full of omegas and antioxidants to help keep Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear healthy in her old age.

These recipes are chock full of fruits and veggies including:

  • Apples which are a good source of antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins A and C, and dietary fiber which support digestive health.
  • Cranberries which are a good source of antioxidants, dietary fiber, manganese and vitamin K which support immunity and urinary health.
  • Spinach which is a good source of carotenoids, including beta-carotene and lutein, and also contains antioxidant properties.
  • Chickpeas which is a nutrient-rich alternative source of carbs that are packed with iron, low on the glycemic index, and easy to digest.

I and Love and You is a brand I love because they are really dedicated to providing pet guardians with high-quality food. They are also a founding member of the Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition and is helping lead the way toward more sustainability in the pet industry. their corporate headquarters is 100% wind powered, and they also purchase carbon offsets for all travel.

You can purchase this variety pack for $12.63 but if you subscribe to auto-ship you can save 63 cents!



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