Citrus Lane June 2014 32 Month Girl Box Review by Ellie…

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So today is my review of the 32 Month Girl box for June 2014 from Citrus Lane. I must admit, I am already rather upset with Citrus Lane due to financial problems. (They can’t seem to charge the right amount nor can they refund in time) but my daughter was okay with her box and that’s all that matters! We got the box yesterday, and opened it up for the kiddo.


The first item is incorrect. It’s for ages 4+ and my daughter is not even 3 yet! I called in and they are sending us the correct coloring book that will have a set of mini markers, as well as some simple instructional activity pages. This is for the older children who want to color and can not only stay in the lines but cut pages themselves and so on. It even has proper paper so you can take out the pages, and put them on your window for a stained glass style effect! So great for ages 4+, not for my 2.5 year old!


(Olivia looking at what she got underneath the book!)
Also included were two snack bars by Plumm, they are the special “four ingredient” recipe they are doing now. My daughter won’t touch them, but she is a picky eater so I don’t know if it’s due to bad taste or if it’s due to her just not liking the texture. 


This is her favorite item from the box, it’s a puzzle of a ladybug for her age group! She has put it together herself once, then had her Daddy do it 10 times since. Unfortunately she has chewed one end of one so now it doesn’t fit perfectly together, but she still loves to play with it. This morning she woke up and immediately went “bug” and went looking for it in her room.


Also included was a “wet bag”. At first I was confused by this, it said “Disney Baby” so I thought it was another item that was in the wrong age group. Turns out this can be used in my daughter’s swim bag for her swimsuit, or anything wet so it doesn’t get the remainder of her items wet or mildewed. Once I found out what this was for I was extremely grateful, I tend to have her swimsuit in with other items and her bag will smell by the time we get home. So very awesome to get this!


The last item in the box was some “peaceful bubbles” that also could be a shampoo. Smelled really nice, wasn’t greasy bubbles like most bubble baths are and her hair looks wonderful now. But it doesn’t do anything “peaceful” she was still doing cannonballs in her bath! haha.
All in all I’d say I’m not satisfied with this box, simply because now I’m still waiting for the correct item to come in. But Citrus Lane did quickly fix this problem, and they finally refunded me what I was owed after almost two weeks. I’ll still keep receiving boxes for my little girl until she shows no interest!
Ellie is a 30 year old married, work at home mother of a pre-schooler. She is a Cellie (Black Dagger Brotherhood), a Texan, and she is a guest blogger for Stephs Cheers and Jeers!


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