Cooking For Two-Your Cat and You! Review


Cat Lovers! A cookbook for you and your cat has FINALLY arrived!

Cooking For Two-Your Cat and You! is a cookbook by Brandon Schultz and Lucy Schultz-Osenlund. This book takes popular recipes such as Breakfast frittata, Thanksgiving dinner, Vegetable stirfry and many more favorites and makes them desirable for humans while catering to the dietary needs of cats. The book also is loaded with useful information on what foods are safe for your little fuzzy companion and what is not. The book also contains conversation charts, tips of making day to day cat food and so much more useful information.

This book makes a fantastic gift for cat lovers and retails for $10.99 for Kindle book and $16.99 for Hardcover.


I think this book is simply ADORABLE! My cat does not eat people food by her choice(I think it’s because her  previous owners never feed it to her) so I did not try but I did gift this book to a friend who has a cat who loves people food. She was really happy and reports her cats approves the recipes she has cooked out of the book.

About the Authors
Brandon Schultz is a lifelong cat lover who has lived with more cats than people and loves to cook. He is the author of The Taco Revolution, and his cat, Lucy, allows him to share her apartment in Brooklyn, New York, along with their dog, Chase.

Lucy Schultz-Osenlund is a seasoned food taster and invaluable sous chef who prefers water glasses to bowls and loves the sound of can openers in use. She is particularly fond of ice cream and is notoriously vocal with her strong opinions. She is 5 1/2 years old and lives in Brooklyn, New York, with a human and a dog, who shall remain nameless.

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