Crock Pot Lasagna!

What you need:
2 pounds of Ground Beef
1 Medium Onion(Cropped)
2-3 Cans of Sauce(I used two this time, but next time will use three, and I chose a Three Cheese and a Sausage)
1 container of Ricotta Cheese
Mozzarella Cheese
Parmesan Cheese
A Package and a half of Lasagna Noodles]

1-Brown Ground Beef, and Onion in a Pan, While cooking Start water for the Lasagna Noodles
2-Cook Lasagna for almost the suggested time, Drain
3-Layer Ingredients to your liking in the crockpot, I usally start with Sauce on the bottom, then some cheese, then noodles and repeat,
4-When done  top with cheese and cook on high for 3-4 hours 

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