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Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

I was SO excited when I came across Printage and saw they offer peel and stick prints, renting an apartment I have to keep the use of screws to a minimum so I rely on websites like Printage to decorate my walls. The MeshCanvas is easy to install, features 4 adhesive squares on the back and can even be removed and reattached to a surface up to 10 times! They require pretty much zero effort to hang and absolutely no tools! Just peel and stick! There are a few different sizes to choose from including 8×8, 12×8, 8×12, 3 8×24, 3 12×24 and 3 8×36.

Cornish–Windsor Covered Bridge

I decided to use a picture I took of the Cornish–Windsor Covered Bridge and place it on 3 8×8 canvases.

I LOVE how it came out! I decided to place it in my kitchen above a door. I love how easy it was to install, when I say it’s peel and stick that is EXACTLY what it is, you don’t need any tools at all and the adhesive took well to my walls.

The Meshcanvas sell for 3 for $46 and each additional is $10.

They also offer prints and photo books are great prices!! Right now they even offer free unlimited 4×6/4×4 premium photo prints just cover the cost of shipping! What a great deal!! Their prices on photo books are also great, they offer a 20 page 8×8 soft cover photo book for $9.99 and a 20 page 8×8 hard cover photo book for $14.99! Photo books make AMAZING gifts and every time I have gifted them my recipient LOVED them!

I will definitely be returning to Printage to purchase more of the Meshcanvas.


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  1. This is wonderful! Split Panel/Panoramic feature is something I’ve never seen before. Mixtiles only offers square shape.

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