Date night at Chili’s Bar And Grill

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Recently I was able to work with Chili’s bar and grill for a review meal for myself and my boyfriend Zack which in itself was a great score!! Zack and I have only been to Chili’s one other time before this when we first met back in 2014 and just never got around to going back due to no fault of the restaurants. We both work so setting aside a time for date nights it’s important for our relationship and allows us to unwind.

When we arrived at the restaurant we were seated immediately even though it looked like a busy night and a family of four were waiting for a table I guess the table for two had just opened up. Just a few minutes after being seated we were greeted by our waitress who I believe her name was Theresa, she told us about the new three for me deal that they were promoting and about new signature alcoholic beverages that we politely declined due to me being only 19. She was very cheery and attentive to whatever we needed, and just as a plus she refilled our sodas throughout the meal without even asking! img_0028img_0027

Now on to the meal!! Zack and I looked over the menu multiple times before deciding what we wanted, which is a big decision since the menu has so many options to choose from. So we started with the Crispy Cheddar Bites, which are Wisconsin cheese curds, dipped in batter and deep fried then topped off with what seemed to be a cajun spice and they are served with the ancho-chile ranch sauce. These cheese bites were absolutely to die for, they were perfectly crisp with just the right amount of spice and with the dipping sauce you can’t go wrong! 10/10 would order these again whenever we get around to going back!

We ended up eating a lot of them before I remembered to take a picture!!

For our entrées, I ordered the chicken bacon ranch quesadillas, which are two flour tortillas with chicken, three cheese blend, Chile spices and applewood smoked bacon stuffed inside! Served with lettuce, sour cream, homemade pico de gallo and the ancho-chile sauce. This was the best quesadilla I’ve ever had, everything inside went very well together, it was stuffed with fillings and was perfectly cooked, and dipping each slice into the ancho sauce is to die for! Since the quesadilla didn’t come with a side which wasn’t a  problem, I also ordered the skillet mashed potatoes, which are mashed potatoes baked in the cast iron skillet, topped with jalapeno jack cheese and cilantro. These came out super hot, still in the skillet. So ultimately it took a few minutes to cool down, these were so good, and the cheese was a perfect addition to them, normally I don’t like spicy cheeses but this cheese just had a kick which I don’t mind! Now I have a new favorite meal when I go to Chili’s.



Zack ordered the Fresh Mex pairings deal he got to choose three things off of a list and they give rice and beans as the side with that as well. He got the sour cream chicken enchilada, the cheese enchilada, and the chicken tostada. His plate looked wonderful, overflowing with food, and for $9.99 you can’t beat the portions. He definitely said he would order this again and perhaps change things up and try other things. img_0033

Zack and I were pretty full by the end of all our food but whats the point of going out to dinner if you don’t go all the way out?! We like to say go big or go home. So we ended up ordering a dessert to share. We got the triple berry crumb cake. It was served in a cast iron pan and was super warm and delicious. It was blueberries and blackberries baked into and on top of a warm butter crumb cake, topped with a scoop of ice cream with cinnamon sugar on top. We both were very satisfied with this dessert and it tasted amazing!


Zack and I’s trip to Chilis was a wonderful experience and the staff and food were bothe equally amazing. The atmosphere was like being around a bunch of friends.

we will definitely be returning in the near future!


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