Valentine’s Day Cocktails with Tiki Tea by Devotion Vodka

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

Vodka is one of my favorite spirits so I am really excited to team up with Devotion Vodka to taste test their Tiki Tea.

Devotion Vodka is the world’s first sugar-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO line of vodka. Their line features flavors such as Pure, Blood Orange, Black and Blue(Blackberry and Blueberry), Perfect Cosmo, Wild Cherry, Coconut, and Tiki. All of the flavors are 80 proof and 100% Made in the USA.

The Tiki Tea features natural black tea flavors from a selection of premium teas from around the world, honey and citrus zests. It’s much more flavorful and doesn’t taste fake unlike many of the other tea flavored spirits on the market. It packs a nice little punch and has a pleasant flavor for the price range. My favorite way to drink it is paired with homemade lemonade.

I have not been able to find their products near me but you can purchase it online ranging from $17.99-$21.99.



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