Dinner Out at Denny’s


Denny’s recently sent my husband and I a $20 gift card so we could have a dinner out togeather!

Denny’s is a diner style restaurant that has been around for over 60 years. You can enjoy their tasty and wholesome food 24/7 and best of all, you can enjoy breakfast ALL day long! The currently have over 1,700 restaurants worldwide and are constantly growing!

Their menu includes items such as burgers, sandwiches, skillets, pancakes, french toast, salads, salmon, steak and more! It also, of course, includes the famous grand slam which allows you to pick any 4 breakfast items.

My husband decided to visit the West Lebanon, NH location.


I ended up having their Cinnamon Pancake Breakfast and my husband had their Double Cheese Burger.



The Cinnamon Pancake Breakfast are two buttermilk pancakes drizzled with cinnamon and cream cheese sauce, it’s also served with two eggs and hash browns, plus your choice of two strips of bacon or two sausage links and a side of warm syrup.

The restaurant was completely packed so we had to come back twice as there were no available tables. It was late at night and I found the restaurant to be clean and the staff was all very kind. Our server was prompt and polite and it was not a long wait for our meal. The pancakes because they were covered with two types of sauces got soggy very quick so if you order this meal I suggest eating the pancakes first because they get soggy and chewy fast. The egg was cold when it arrived but the hashbrowns and bacon were warm and tasty! I actually LOVE Denny’s hash browns. My husband said his burger was flavorful and cooked exactly as he requests. The bill came to just over $25 with the meals and drinks and I have since been back to Denny’s and was very impressed with the French Toast Slam I got. Their staff is always kind and courteous and the food is always great!

There is just something magical about being able to get pancakes and other breakfast items when it’s not breakfast time!

A big thank you to Denny’s for providing us with a gift card!

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