Dress Up Your Walls with Wall Charmers

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review. 

I have been redecorating my kitchen and I decided on a deer theme, I love deer and I knew I wanted some sort of deer statue or wall hanging in my kitchen and after some searching, I came across Wall Charmers.

Wall Charmers has a wonderful line of Faux Taxidermy Animal Heads. Each sculpture is hand painted in Chandler, Arizona using only the highest quality paints to ensure the sculpture will really stand out. Each head is cast using eco-friendly poly-resin so all of the items that Wall Charmers offers is animal-friendly as well as has a low environmental impact.

Their line of Faux Taxidermy Animal Heads come in a variety of species including Deer, Bear, and Moose as well as Exotic species such as Elephant, Lion, Gorilla and even some Aquatic species such as Shark, Turtle and more. They also have a whole line of Unicorns which I think is amazing!

I decided on the Black Mini Virginia Deer Head with Gold Antlers.

I LOVE how this sculpture looks! It is 14″ tall x 12.5″ wide and I decided to hang it in my kitchen near the door so its one of the first things people see when they walk in. It was super easy to hang and has become a conversation piece when guests come over.

Wall Charmers has a whole line of Deer products and I want to purchase a few other items including one of their Antler Wall Racks and Deer Jewelry Rack.

You can purchase the Black Mini Virginia Deer Head with Gold Antlers for $50 and it is available in 21 unique color options. They also offer the ability to fully customize your piece by emailing them if you want a combination you don’t see on the website.


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