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Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

I get bored drinking the same brand of coffee constantly so I was super excited when I came across Driftaway Coffee, a monthly subscription box that matches you with coffee you will love. The first box you will receive features a collection of 4 oz single origin whole bean coffee, after tasting each you can pick which are your favorites and they will match future shipments to feature similar flavors.

Driftaway Coffee offers multiple different subscription plans and shipping frequencies to choose from including a solo plan which features 7 ozs of coffee which is the equivalent of 14 cups for $12 a shipment, Doppio which features 11 oz of coffee which is the equivalent of 22 cups of coffee for $16 a shipment, 1 pound which features 16 oz of coffee which is the equivalent of 32 cups starting at $22 a month and lastly 2 pounds of coffee which features 32 oz of coffee which is the equivalent of 64 cups of coffee starting at $34. You can save money by prepaying for a 6-month subscription for each plan listed above.

I was SO excited to give their coffee a try, I absolutely LOVE the packaging! I thought the idea of the packing that is inspired by vintage baggage tags which symoblizes the long journey coffee takes from seed to cup.

I received:

  • PNK which is a coffee from Papua New Guinea and features caramel, dark cherry, and cocoa notes.
  • COY which is a coffee from Costa Rica and features chocolate, toffee, and grapefruit notes.
  • BRO which is a coffee from Brazil and features walnut, cocoa, and creamy notes.
  • RWR which is a coffee from Rwanda and features floral, caramel and lemon peel notes.

One of the things I really like about their packaging is the bags are resealable which keeps the coffee fresh. My favorite was the BRO, it was super flavorful and definitely a coffee I would purchase again. I also really liked the COY which was also super flavorful and very pleasant.

Driftaway Coffee also has a great selection of coffee gifts options to choose from that even include a coffee grinder! You can also purchase coffee without a subscription through their website.


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