I Feel Like A Horrible Housewife and Here’s How I Plan To Change It…..


Scott and I have been together since 2009, when we first started dating I was just finishing high school then I held down a few jobs before my chronic pain caught up with and we both decided it would be better if I stayed home, ran my blog and took care of the house….Well….That was the plan but I quickly learned how overwhelming being a housewife is! I never thought it would be so overwhelming! I am not going to lie, I’m very inconsistent with keeping the housework up…there are times where the house will be spotless for weeks…then there are times it will be messy for MONTHS! Of course, when the house is messy it’s stressful for everyone in the household and I get even more overwhelmed.  Normally I get so overwhelmed that on my husband’s only day off we spend the whole day cleaning together but I have decided I want those days to be a day we can spend togeather relaxing or watching a movie togeather. I honestly feel like a horrible housewife, and because it’s only myself home during the day I am the one making most of the mess(And of course the dog) so I have decided that during the month of May I am going to make a change and I am determined to make it easier on myself on keeping up with the housework…so this is how I plan to do it!

Set Timers:

I have a problem with getting on the computer and before I know it…hours have passed! I also have to be careful about overdoing it so I don’t have a pain flare up, so my pain specialist told me I should start setting a timer, start off by setting it for 10 minutes, do something around the house, then once the timer goes off…take a 10-minute break…I plan to use the break time to work on my blog!

 Minimize Clutter

We live in less than 600 square feet so as you can imagine the house gets very cluttered. It’s only the two of us and occasionally its 3 of us when Justine comes and visits and I have so many sets of pans, dishes, silverware and more. I feel like the fact I have so much added to the mess, I also have many canned goods that we do not use so I plan to donate them to the local food shelf

Utilize A Schedule: or Planner:

One of the biggest reasons I tend to slack is I either don’t have the motivation or I get caught up on the computer. I created a quick schedule on Google Sheets that details chores and when they are to be done.


O.H.I.O(Only Handle It Once)

This goes with minimize clutter but also makes cleaning and picking up go much faster! If you pick something up, put it away or toss it! I often move things around because I think I will “get to them later” and guess what? I never do!


I’m hoping these few things will help me manage a better house, My husband says he doesn’t mind but it drives me absolutely crazy! I literally have panic attacks over the clutter and I figure now is the time to put an end to it!

Do you have any suggestions for me?


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  1. Recently got married and moved out and hence can imagine how stressing housework can be. At Mom’s place we had house help and spotless sheets. Here, everything was a mess. So, Hubby & I made schedules and split the work irrespective of who’s in and who’s out. That really helped.

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