Fresh Step Clean Paws Keeps Paws and Floors Clean Plus Giveaway

 Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review. 

I have been a loyal customer of Fresh Step for YEARS and when I recently saw they released a new formula I knew I had to try it. See…one of my biggest pet peeves is litter getting tracked through the house. It drives me absolutely CRAZY and it often gets tracked across the wood floor and stuck in the cracks and is then near impossible to get out of the cracks. Fresh Step recently released a new formula that is low tracking and contains a special blend of larger particles that are designed to stick to your cat’s paws less which means what happens in the box stays in the box!

Fresh Step Clean Paws also has increased odor fighting protection that uses the power of Febreze so its ideal for multi-cat households. It carries a 10-day Odor Control GUARANTEE and It definitely lives up to it! While I only have one cat it does a wonderful job at fighting odors and leaving the room where the cat box is smelling fresh. This litter is also some of the best clumping litter I have ever used, The ClumpLock technology really makes for easy cleanup. My cat is elderly and has some breathing problems so I tend to stick with low dust formulas and this one is a wonderful low dust formula that clumps well and the odor-fighting protection really keeps the litter smelling fresh through box changes.

New Fresh Step Clean Paws is available in grocery, pet specialty, mass merchandise and drug stores nationwide so be sure to keep an eye out for it!!

Fresh Step is also giving away one box of this new formula!

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Fresh Step Clean Paws also recently hosted an Interactive Pop-up Exhibit in New York City that benefited the Humane Society of New York. This Exhibit was titled  “The Cats on Glass Gallery”. I wish I lived closer because I would have LOVED to attend but head over to their website to check out a recap of the event.


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  1. We LITERALLY found a solid black baby kitty under the neighbors vehicle and upon decision… we kept her. Dont know a thing about cats nor have we ever had one but its a learning process. Fresh Step has helped TREMENDOUSLY!

  2. I have 2 cats. Jubei (who is a big grey neuter with only 1 eye) and Cabbitt (a grey and white manx) I love my cats, they are my babies. Jubei is my 4 year old son’s best buddy. That cat follows him around and plays with him constantly! (It’s honestly probably because of food drops)

  3. We have 9 cats – yes 9 – lol! We foster cats for their forever home. So winning this would definitely come in handy 🙂

  4. I can commiserate on the tracked litter! Sometimes when our kitty (we have just one currently) turns to look at me I’ll start going “Awwww…” until I notice a piece or two of litter stuck to her nose, then that’ll quickly turn into “…. ewwwww!” Good thing she’s SO adorable. 😀 Fresh Step’s new formula sounds amazing & I know Ninja would love to try it! She’s a tuxedo who definitely lives up to her name!

  5. Katia is so, so pretty, I can only hope she warms up once the kids start bopping about. Question is it possible that one Mama will turn on the kittens of the other Mama”s litter? Grandma hissed at her grandkittens when she first looked in on them, so is it possible one might get a bit “territorial with the unfamiliar smell of another litter of kittens? In the wild, you see prides of female lions co-mothering each others cubs, so probably not (and seeing how the two girls were in a feral colony together), but I wonder if anyone has heard of that happening. And will handsome, strapping Uncle Stefan charm the ladies and win over the kittens (duh)stay tuned!

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