Beat Hangry With GoGo squeeZ

 Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

I have been a huge fan of GoGo squeeZ for YEARS! While I don’t have children I love their products because they are super tasty and perfect for on the go. I make it a point to have one or two pouches in my purse at all times for when I get hangry on the go. GoGo squeeZ has a huge product line to choose from and truly I don’t think they are just for kids!

GoGo squeeZ are the leading squeezable, re-closable, 100% fruit in a pouch, there are over 20 varieties of fruit and veggieZ on-the-go, plus new GoGo squeeZ YogurtZ to choose from. I have been purchasing the Applesauce On The Go products for years and have always loved them so I was really excited to see what else their company has to offer.

Applesauce On The Go is available in 14 flavors including Apple Peach, Apple Raspberry Lemon Twist, Apple Apple, Apple Peach and more! The Apple Raspberry Lemon Twist is one of my new favorites! Its so flavorful and I love the hint of lemon!

GoGo squeeZ YogurtZ is available in 4 flavors which are Blueberry, Strawberry, Berry, and Banana. I think these are SUPER tasty and definitely something I am going to keep in my purse to help fight the hangry! Best of all they don’t require refrigeration unless opened!

veggieZ on-the-go is available in 8 flavors including peach, pear, berry, grape, banana, and mango. They are jammed pack with fruits and veggies including apple, mango, butternut squash, carrots and more. They are super tasty and perfect for the picky eaters who might not get their full serving of veggies.

GoGo squeeZ is also part of TerraCycle® which helps create a second life for used GoGo squeeZ pouches. 3,242,777 pouches have been recycled through the program to date! I think its awesome they are a part of something so awesome!

You can purchase their items on Amazon as well as their website. There is also a store locator on their website so you can find their products near you! I typically purchase mine at Walmart!


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