Gotcha Covered Notebooks Review


Gotcha Covered Notebooks  specializes in notebooks, but not just any notebooks! Notebooks are children love! All of their products are imprinted on site in their SGP certified facility. SGP is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and promoting participation in the movement to reduce the environmental impact and increase social responsibility in the printing industry through sustainability practices within manufacturing operations. Their notebooks are also held to industry standards and are safety tested in accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. That means your child is getting the very best and the products are held to very high safety standards.

Gotcha Covered Notebooks has a GIGANTIC selection of personalizable notebooks in tons of different categories. They have holiday related notebooks, notebooks in fun shapes and colors, notebooks that have covers your child can color and so many more options! Each notebooks include 60 sheets of quality paper and durable metal binding.

They recently sent a notebook for my niece, step daughter and my self!



Sammantha’s notebook is their pink zebra notebook, My notebook is their Tweet-Tweet notebook and Justine’s is their Kitty Cat notebook.


I was really impressed with all three items, they are super durable and the covers are not flimsy. The paper inside is also not thin and great for taking down notes!(I use mine to take down notes related to my blog). Sammantha and Justine really liked their notebooks and I think Gotcha Covered Notebooks is the PERFECT place to get school supplies! Another awesome think about Gotcha Covered Notebooks is they allow you to create notebooks using your very own pictures! Talk about awesome!




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