Handle Your Pet Safety with Pet Pita

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.


The Pet Pita was created as a safe and effective way to groom, medicate or handle your unruly or stressed pet. It’s also ideal for helping out your senior pet who might struggle to get around due to health issues such as hip dysplasia.

The Pet Pita comes in three different sizes including the Cat Pita which is designed for cats and allows you access to heavily medicated and groomed areas, The regular Pet Pita is designed for small dogs and large cats and also allows you full access to the heavily medicated and groomed area. The Pup Pita is designed for senior dogs or special needs dogs and allows you to lift and support either the front or rears hips and legs.

I decided on the regular Pet Pita because Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear is a fairly large cat and I can also use it for Rosie.

Pet Pita

I was super excited to try this out especially on the cat because she does NOT enjoy getting her nails clipped but if we don’t clip them her nails get too long and she gets stuck on things.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear Pet Pita

The Pet Pita fit Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear like a GLOVE and makes clipping her nails much easier.

Rosie recently sustained a tail injury and we have been using The Pet Pita as a way to clean and provide first aid to her tail while keeping everyone safe. It worked well for Rosie as well and also seems to have a calming effect on her. It has really come in handy during this time and I think every Pet Guardian should have a Pet Pita in their pet first aid kit!

Rosie Pet Pita

You can purchase the Pet Pita for $24.99.




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