Holiday Gift Guide: Casually Gourmet Review


I really love working with Vermont based companies and as a foodie who has other foodies in my family I often like to gift food related items.Casually Gourmet has so many great items that are both tasty and local!

Casually Gourmet brings three Vermont specialty food brands together under one roof. These three brands are Gormly’s,Vermont FarmGirl, and Vermont Epicurean. Their line of products include mustards, grilling sauces, jelly, dessert toppings and more. Their products use the finest locally-sourced ingredients, including fresh produce grown on their own farm. I recently had the pleasure of tasting some of their products.


I received a great bundle of items including Maple Pecan Scones Mix, Maple Horseradish Mustard, Maple Apple Topping, Teriyaki Maple Grilling Sauce, Jalapeno Garlic Grilling Sauce and Maple Barbecue Sauce. The Maple Pecan Scones Mix sell for $6.00, The Maple Horseradish Mustard sells for $5.50, the Maple Apple Topping sells for $6.50,The Teriyaki Maple Grilling Sauce, Jalapeno Garlic Grilling Sauce and the Maple Barbecue Sauce sell for $6.00. All of these items and more can be purchased on their website.


My favorite item out of the items I received was the Maple Topping! Oh my goodness is it so tasty! I actually ate it out of the jar with a spoon!! The scones were super easy to cook and came out very tasty and the sauces I made are going to be packed away in the pantry until I do some grilling! I think their products are affordable yet tasty and one of the many gems that Vermont has to offer!




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