Holiday Gift Guide: Energy Supply Co. Review

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My husband is a huge drinker of energy drinks, but there are SO many on the market that its literally impossible to choose at times which is where Energy Supply Co. comes in handy!

Energy Supply Co. is a fantastic subscription box that searches the globe for the very best energy drinks and delivers them to your door each moth. They work with 3 brands a month and include two cans from each brand in the box which means often you get to try different flavors, they also throw in extras like stickers.

Subscriptions include 1 month for $19.99 a month plus $4.99 shipping, 3 months for $18.49 a month plus $4.99 shipping and 6 months for $16.99 a month plus $4.99 shipping.

My husband received their recent box to review.


The box contained energy drinks from Electric Monkey, Black Bear and MSP.

Electric Monkey Wild Energy has a perfect sweet/tart ratio and contains real sugar(NO HFCS) and taurine.

Electric Monkey Wild Cran-Grape is super tasty and has a high juice percentage(30%!) and uses honey for a hint of natural sweetness. It also contains Guarana and is unlike any energy drink I’ve ever seen.

MSP Original is packed full of vitamins, taurine, ginseng and caffeine.

MSP Raspberry is a very popular flavor at bars and clubs and is perfect for mixed drinks.

Black Bear contains no artificial flavors, fake sweeteners, or added caffeine. It contains B12, natural flavors, Xylitol and Trehalose.


My husband and I were very impressed with the variety of energy drinks we were sent. His favorite was Electric Monkey and because he received this box he now knows which of the drinks he likes and which he does not. We both agree that the price of the box is a good value and that all of the drinks we received tasted great and tasted high quality. I am not a huge fan of energy drinks but I really liked the Electric Monkey and MSP.

We have no complaints! This would make the PERFECT gift for that person in your life that is an energy drink connoisseur!




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