Holiday Gift Guide: Gardenbox


Gardenbox  is an easy way to grow fresh micro greens in your home! Every single month pre-planted artisanal micro greens arrive on your doorstep. Micro greens and herbs are edible seedlings less than 14 days old. These delicious, tender, and beautiful greens can be used to add zesty flavor to salads, replace unhealthy condiments, and make any simple meal look and taste like fine dining. Baby micro greens are packed with nutrition, containing on average 4-6 times greater nutrient density than their fully-grown veggie counterparts.

Gardenbox makes growing micro greens SO easy to grow! Place the garden in the sun on your balcony or windowsill, water your Gardenbox then seeds typically germinate within 2 – 3 days and are ready to harvest and enjoy in less than two weeks!  Talk about easy!!

Each Gardenbox contains 2 artisanal 5″ x 20″ garden trays (3 – 4 servings / garden), pre-seeded micro greens, ready to eat in two weeks, 2 delicious recipes tailored to your greens as well as Micro greens troubleshooting support.

You can can subscribe to Gardenbox for $35 a month or if you are a commercial chef you can subscribe for $125 a month and receive 12 gardens!

Some of the greens they offer are Dill, Red Rain Mustard, Chinese Cabbage, Bok Choy, Beets, Purple Kohlrabi, Daikon Radish and Tatsoi. I received Beets.



I have not had the opportunity to grow these yet as I have to find a place they can grow without my pets messing with it. The Gardenbox came packaged very well and I love how its ready to water and grow! As someone who does NOT have a green thumb, Gardenbox seems pretty fail proof!

This would make a fantastic gift for anyone home chef or someone who enjoys gardening!


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