Holiday Gift Guide: Jump Deeda

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

Jump Deeda is a powerful portable power pack that is a combination of a jump starter, power bank with AC/USB-C outputs and wireless charger. Jump Deeda is ideal for helping you out of situations where you would typically be stranded.

You can easily jump start your car with the one-touch start sequence which means you only have to hit the button once and Jump Deeda will keep boosting until your car starts. It also features a unique self-warming feature which means it detects the surrounding temperature and warms up itself to be ready to jump-start cars so it will easily jump start your car in the coldest weather.

I was super intrigued by the fact that it’s also a power bank, I have been caught many times stranded with car troubles with a dead cellphone and the fact that the Jump Deeda can charge cell phones, laptops, kindles and more is super handy. It can charge other devices as long as the device’s required power is below 75W. Jump Deeda also supports QI standard so you can easily use your new iPhone 8 or X with it.

I really like that it also features powerful lights which are perfect for when you need to jump start your car in the rain or dark.

Jump Deeda comes with multiple cords, jumper cord, and a handy storage bag.

I have used Jump Deeda a few times since I have received it. I haven’t had to jump start my car but I have carried it with me while running errands to charge my devices but the charger in my car doesn’t work correctly. It was able to charge my phone fast and I can see how this would be super helpful in a situation where I was stranded with a dead cell phone.

Jump Deeda will sell for $139 at launch and be sure to sign up to join the VIP list to get an email when they launch and save 53%.




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