Holiday Gift Guide: The Scrubba Wash Bag Review

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Eartheasy is dedicated to helping you maintain sustainable living. They provide the public with great items that help you create a toxic free home while making it easy and convenient to do so.

Some of the products they have to offer are low flow faucets, Eco friendly cookware, non toxic laundry products, water filtration,Eco friendly pet products, composting items, non toxic pest control and so much more!

I recently received The Scrubba Wash Bag to review.


The Scrubba Wash Bag is essentially a lightweight and compact washing machine! It weighs in at just 5 oz and allows you to wash clothing when you are on the go! Its perfect for folks like me who don’t have access to a washing machine all the time, folks who travel and essential for camping! The Scrubba Wash Bag features internal Scrubba nodules that efficiently clean your clothes in minutes. The Scrubba Wash Bag is made from Microbial and hydrolysis resistant polyether TPU and folds down into pocket size! The Volume of the bag is 3 gallons, but optimal washing volume is 1 gallon when filled with clothes and water it also doubles as a dry bag!

It is SO easy to use!!

  • 1) FILL IT: Add water, cleaning liquid and clothes to the Scrubba™ Wash Bag (20-40% volume).
  • 2) ROLL & CLIP: Roll down top at least 4-5 times and clip ends (like you would with a dry bag).
  • 3) DEFLATE: Open and squeeze valve to expel air from the Scrubba™ Wash Bag.
  • 4) RUB: Press down and rub clothes against the Scrubba™ Wash Bag’s unique internal flexible washboard for 30 seconds for a quick traveler wash, or for 3 minutes for a machine quality wash. For delicates, press and rub gently.
  • 5) RINSE: Unclip and unroll the Scrubba™ Wash Bag’s seal. Pour out water. Rinse clothes with fresh water in the Scrubba™ Wash Bag or under a running tap or shower.
  • 6) DRY: Hang dry clothes on a clothesline, pat dry with a towel, or get creative (hang on a bed post, over a chair, on a hanger, in a tree)!

A portion of the proceeds goes towards providing clean drinking water in areas of the world with those in need. Supported projects include: $15,000 contributed to provide clean water to a school in Bangladesh,$1000 donated by the Scrubba™ Wash Bag to the World Vision Emergency and Preparedness Fund,Contribution to and on-going involvement with Charity: Water and $1000 contribution to Rift Valley Reservoir Project (Kenya) with the help from our IndieGoGo campaign supporters.



I have pool therapy twice a week and absolutely NO time to go to the laundry mat so The Scrubba Wash Bag comes in handy! Its so easy to use and is perfect for washing my bathing suit top and bottom. As someone who does not have access to a washing machine this is such an amazing tool!

I highly recommend The Scrubba Wash Bag to anyone who needs to wash clothing on the go!

You can purchase The Scrubba Wash Bag for $49.95.




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