Holiday Gift Guide: ThunderShirt

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.

Thundershirt Logo

Both my dogs suffer from separation anxiety and Rosie suffers from really bad noise anxiety. A friend of mine who is also the director of the local humane society suggested ThunderShirt so I decided to give their products a try.

ThunderShirt was founded by Phil Blizzard whos dog Dosi was extremely frightened by loud noises like thunderstorms and fireworks. After consulting dog trainers and vets who suggested sedatives and anti-depressants and Dosi suffering from unpleasant side effects. Phil was left frustrated and after a friend suggested maybe swaddling Dosi like a newborn might provide some relief, during one storm Phil wrestled Dosi into an old t-shirt and used packing tape to create mild pressure. Phil and his family were instantly amazed at how calm Dosi became. ThunderShirt has since evolved and now offers anxiety relief for millions of dogs and cats.

In addition to Anxiety Vests, they also offer leashes, pheromone sprays, collars and more.

I decided on the ThunderShirt Sport in Fushia for Rosie in Small and the Camo Polo in XL for Loki. ThunderShirt

Little Miss Rosie LOVES her ThunderShirt, It seems to really have a calming effect on her and she actually gets super excited when I pull it out. The sport style seems to be made from a heavy material which is great because Rosie also gets cold.

Rosie ThunderShirt

The ThunderShirt Sport in Fuchsia comes in sizes XXS-XXL and sells for $44.95.

Loki ThunderShirt

I think Loki looks SO handsome in his Camo Polo! It’s is lightweight compared to the Sport that Rosie received but provides just as much relief. He tends to be very hyper and I noticed while wearing his ThunderShirt he seems to calm down.

The Camo Polo comes in sizes XXS-XXL and sells for $44.95.

They also offer a variety of other styles and colors to choose from in sizes XXS-XXL.

I am very pleased with ThunderShirt, there is a noticeable change in my dog’s behavior when they are wearing them and they both love to wear their ThunderShirts. I highly recommend Thundershirt and while they have an 80% success rate they do offer a money-back guarantee.



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