Holiday Gift Guide:Gnoments Review


As someone who just celebrated 6 wonderful years with my husband I can tell you first hand, you have to be creative when it comes to keeping the spark in your relationship. I have to tell you about an ADORABLE way to do so!

Gnoments  are two adorable Gnomes who wear plush red hats have white hair, and magnetic hands that allow couples to be creative when it comes to interacting. The Gnoments encouraging playful interaction and thoughtfulness and can be just the thing to add excitement to a relationship. The gnomes can be used in various ways to create surprise and excitement for your loved one. There are TWO ways to use your Gnomes. A simpler way is use the small pouch on the Gnomes back to hide a special note or gift. For a more high tech approach use the embedded NFC tag (Near field communications) to program a variety of messages and adventures. Currently available for most Android users, and surely soon to be enabled for iPhones everywhere, smart phones can easily program the NFC tag inside each gnome to offer another exciting way of being romantic, thoughtful, and fun. Record a YouTube video, sound clip, write a text, or set up a scavenger hunt, and all your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or anyone else for that matter simply has to do is scan the gnome, and they will see the message on their phone! If you are away from your gnome, but still want to send a special message, Gnoments’ mobile-friendly website includes a special messaging system called Gnomifications, where one can create a Gnomitar (a gnome avatar) and send an email or text with the same links one can share through the embedded NFC tags.


The Gnoments kit includes a boy and girl gnome, each with a special pouch for including notes, mementos, and gifts, along with an embedded NFC chip for high tech messages and a 32 page hard-covered, illustrated story book with ideas to get you started and sell for $39.95 each.



I think these are the CUTEST idea ever!!! First of all the Gnomes are just ADORABLE and the pocket on their back to put notes and gifts in are such a great idea but the embedded NFC chips are something I have never heard of before and are great for high tech couples and an added bonus. I just cant get over how adorable the Gnomes are themselves! They actually remind me of my husband and I and that is one of the first things he said when I received them in the mail.

These are such a great tool for any couple and make a super affordable gift for the holiday, anniversary, wedding presents or just because!

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