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Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review.  


I worry about my fur babies…sometimes I over worry and that has lead to a few unnecessary vet visits. Since my cat is elderly I worry about her the most, I know cats don’t always show signs of illness so I was really excited when I came across CheckUp.DSCF3329

CheckUp is a home wellness test kit that is designed to monitor your pets in between vet visits. The kits are available for both dogs and cats and they are SUPER easy to use, affordable and test for high glucose levels, kidney failure, urinary tract infections and blood in urine.

I received both a dog and cat kit to review and I was really eager to see the results! I really like that you get results at home and there is nothing that needs to be mailed back! The first three test results come back in 30 seconds and the last three results come back in 60 seconds.


The wellness kit for cats comes with 2 lbs of Hydrophobic Litter which makes for easy urine collection, 2 testing strips, 1 sample collection vial and collection pipette. I am going, to be honest…I was SUPER skeptical about the Hydrophobic Litter…Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear is SUPER picky so I honestly thought I was not going to get a urine sample from her but a few hours after I put the litter in her box she went in and I was able to collect a nice sample! The litter made it SUPER easy to collect the sample because the urine sits on top of the litter.

Sorry, the sample is flipped! The little bit of dark stuff on the bottom test strips are litter.

The cat wellness kit was really easy and I am pleased with the results. While I waiting on Fuzzy to urinate in the cat box I decided it would be a PERFECT time to test Loki.


The wellness kit for dogs comes with 1 telescopic pole with a removable metal ring, 1 disposable cup, 2 test strips, 1 sample collection vial and collection pipette. The pole extends to 60 cm which makes collecting a sample super easy and mess free. I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to collect a sample correctly because even though Loki is a boy he does not lift his leg, however, the pole made it SUPER easy to collect a sample even though he squats.


I was really impressed with both kits, they made the collection of a sample really easy and convenient to both my pets and I and they also gave me fast results that provided me with a bit of peace of mind even though I am a worrisome pet owner.

You can purchase the wellness kit for cats for $13.50 and the wellness kit for dogs for $12.59.


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    1. I don’t think it will be hard at all, even though my dog is a big dog(90lbs) he still squats close to the ground like a female dog. The pole makes it REALLY easy to collect a sample.

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