A Look Into My Husbands Man Cave and My Blogging Space


When we began searching for apartments we both agreed that we needed at LEAST 3 bedrooms. I had been blogging for 5 years and Scott had just joined NaRKaN. We Both wanted a space where we could enjoy our hobbies and when we found the place we currently reside in we KNEW it was PERFECT! Scott had talked about setting up a home studio for years and our old place just didn’t have the room so he set up in the living room which was a little inconvenient, during the walk through of the place we live now, we were so excited to see all the room and before we even signed the lease we had picked which rooms were going to be our spaces. Scott picked a small carpeted room with shelves because it was just perfect for a studio, it was large enough to hold all his gear and perfect for recording. I chose the bigger room with hardwood floors because I knew it would be PERFECT for my blogging space, Its in the back of the house so I can literally lock myself away from the rest of the house if need be(which is great for the days when I’m on a strict deadline and everyone is bothering me).dscf5373

The first item I purchased for Scott for his new Studio was a Guitar Stand that holds 3 guitars that way he can always have easy access to his favorite guitars without having to mess around with cases. We are still in the early stages of decorating and organizing his studio so there are some items that will get moved in the future like my crutches in the picture.

His studio also features clear plastic containers that store guitar parts, soldering irons and other things that help in the repair of Guitars. We actually scored the plastic containers for free from a friend who was cleaning out her home office. There are also two filing cabinets that also store guitar pedals, guitar pics and more.

Currently we share this space because my home office has not been set up yet, After the holiday we are going to focus on my home studio so during the day I use his studio to blog and at night and on the weekends he uses it as his man cave but in the future we plan to have completely separate spaces. Below are some progress pictures of my home office. At the moment the space is being used as a place for my cat to get away from the dogs, it has her food, litter box, cat post and her bed, I plan to share this space with her because my cat sometimes LOVES to sit on my lap while I blog  and I plan to put a baby gate up to keep the dogs out. At the moment I only use the space to photograph items and store items that need to be reviewed, in the future, it will be my full-time blogging space.



Above is the spot where I plan to put my computer desk.

Wayfair has some amazing items that are perfect for building your own studio/home office  and I plan to shop their website for some essentials for my home office and for some additions to Scott’s studio.

I will update this post as we continue to organize and build our spaces!

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