Keep Your Valuables and Unmentionables Hidden with Sneaky Sack

Stephs Cheers and Jeers was provided the samples mentioned in this post in return for an unbiased review. 

The days of stashing your valuables and unmentionables in your sock drawer or side table by the bed are OVER!

Sneaky Sack is a durable and waterproof storage bag that features three separate storage pockets so you can easily store your valuables, self-defense items, adult toys or any items you want to keep private. Sneaky Sack hangs on a hanger and you can easily hang clothing over it to hide it from prying eyes. Once covered up by clothing, Sneaky Sack is undetectable giving you peace of mind and keeping your items easily hidden from view.

The exterior of the Sneaky Sack is made using a fabric Lustra (a Cotton blend) while the interior is made using SOFlux which is a waterproof and cleanable fabric that is actually commonly used in hospitals. Their bags are resistant to bacteria growth due to the Lustra/SoFlux blend which means items stored inside stay clean and germ-free.

The multi pockets are perfect for organization but also great for keeping adult toys separate, especially since if you store certain toys together they can become damaged due to chemical reactions.

I really like that Sneaky Sack can hold both large and heavy items, its suggested when storing large and heavy items to use a wooden hanger as metal ones are prone to bending.

I personally use my Sneaky Sack to hold my medical marijuana salves and other topical products. I like that I can easily store it away and the fact that I can place a small lock on it gives me peace of mind and even makes it perfect for visits to and from the dispensary as per state law the item you transport with must lock. I can easily hide Sneaky Sack under a sweatshirt and I noticed that my medical marijuana products don’t seem to cause the bag to smell and I love the fact that if my topicals get spilled I can easily clean the bag by throwing it in the washer.


Exterior of Sneaky Sack- 17.5″ Height x 13.5″ Width
Main Compartment- 17.25″ Height x 12.5″ Width
Back Pocket- 13″ Height x 12.25″ Width
Front Pocket- 12″ Height x 12″ Width
Straps- 4″ Length x 1.5″ Width


You can purchase Sneaky Sack for $28.95. Holistic Wisdom also has a wonderful selection of adult products and founded the National Association for the Advancement of Science & Art in Sexuality ( and are the leaders in providing sexual wellness education, resources and only the best sex toys and lubricants.


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