La Tienda Review


I am a foodie so I LOVE trying new foods! I recently teamed up with La Tienda and they sent me a few of their items to try.

La Tienda brings the flavor of Spain right into your home! They have been delivering hundreds of thousands of orders since 1996. La Tienda is located in the USA and whenever possible they support family-owned companies that produce hand-made products using free-range and sustainable resources.

I had the pleasure of taste testing their Artisan Young Manchego Plus Sliced Serrano Ham and Gourmet Olive Trio.



The Artisan Young Manchego Plus Sliced Serrano Ham package comes with 6 oz of Serrano ham and 1 lb Manchego cheese. The cured mountain ham is sliced paper thin and individually leaved for your easy use. The vacuum-sealed plastic package keeps it fresh for more than one occasion. The famous sheep’s milk cheese is from La Mancha which is the home of Don Quijote.

This package sells for $39.95 and is SUPER tasty. The ham and cheese is a perfect pairing and both items allow you to enjoy a slice of Spain in your home!

The Gourmet Olive Trio features Anchovy Stuffed, Cracked & Piquillo Stuffed olives, and are SUPER tasty! My mother loves olives and I gave these to her and she loved them! You can purchase this Trio for $17.95.


Anchovy stuffed olives: Green Manzanilla olives, water, salt, anchovy paste (anchovy, water, sodium alginate (a stabilizer)), salt, monosodium glutamate (a flavor enhancer), citrid acid (an acidulant), ascorbic acid (an antioxidant). Pasteurized. Cracked olives: Verdial olives with pits, garlic, oregano, bay leaf, water, salt, citric acid (acidulant), lactic acid (antioxidant), Vitamin C (antioxidant). Pasteurized. Piquillo stuffed olives: Manzanilla olives, water, piquillo pepper stuffing (9%), salt, monodsodic glutamate (flavor enhancer), lactic acid (acidulant), citric acid (acidulant), ascorbic acid (antioxidant).

I really had a blast working with La Tienda, Their items were flavorful and authentic! If you like Spain food I highly suggest checking them out!

 You can purchase items directly on their website or at their retail store in Williamsburg, VA.



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